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  • Menyhárt László: Szász Endre

    “Endre Szász, a painter and graphic artist, is one of the most peculiar phenomena in today’s Hungarian art scene.

    With his virtuosity, which characterizes both his works and his working method, he embodies the magician artist in the eyes of the audience. He is the creator who masters his craft like the greats of old. However, the legend that surrounds his figure is not only fueled by his formidable drawing skills. His life is also full of twists and turns. He was born and raised in Transylvania, but he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. In the fifties, he was in prison, and he also created political decorations. In the sixties, he gained popularity as one of the most employed illustrators. Then he went to America, but he did not leave his homeland: he works a lot here, and, as he confesses in this book, his Hungarian identity means more to him than anything else.

    Our book is not a conventional biography: Szász recounts his life with bizarre episodes and fantastic stories, not only about himself. It also illustrates how he saw his era, what the artistic life was like, in which he considered himself a black sheep. This conversation, conducted by László Menyhárt, is therefore not free from biases and subjective expressions, but it is stylish. It perfectly corresponds to the artist’s surreal visions.”

  • Menyhárt László: Schéner Mihály – Corvina műterem

    “Schéner Mihály has a rich literature in his art. Poets, writers, philosophers, architects, archaeologists, theoreticians, art historians, and journalists have praised and criticized his activities, defended and attacked his art. Even this reception indicates that it is not easy for anyone who wants to sort out the various – often contradictory – opinions. His responsibility is not insignificant either, as those who warmly praise unanimously recommend his works to enthusiastic art lovers and the attention of patrons.”